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  • The Advantages of a Gas Fire Pit, why should you get a gas fire pit and not an old charcoal or wood fire pit, how to make the most out of a gas fire pit.

  • Bamboo Charcoal, what is the Bamboo Charcoal grill and how you can use it, how popular is the Bamboo option and why people prefer to use it today, learn about charcoal cooking, and fire pits.

  • Barbecue Fire Pit Cooking, BBQ pit cooking is one of the oldest in the book, its fun and also has been proven to be a healthy and

  • BBQ Fire Pit Cooking, what is the method of barbecue fire pit cooking, long cooking and outdoor cooking, get ideas and tips on the fire pits helper site pages.

  • What is a BBQ pit? What can I use a BBQ pit for? What can I cook on a BBQ pit? Find all the answers right here, fire pit information tips and advice on the fire pits helper pages.

  • Brick fire pit, the alternative to the popular stone fire pit is brick, not so different to the idea of stone fire pits bricks are easier to set and will go better with brick houses, you will need to set up a detailed plan for construction and safety before you even buy your materials.

  • Brick Outdoor Fireplaces are the traditional choice, think about a Brick Outdoor Fireplace in winter and the effect it will have on your house, you can enjoy an outdoor fire place for a good few weeks, even if it

  • Build a Fire pit, thinking of building your own fire pit? here are the basics, what are outdoor fire pits and how you plan and build them, learn about how to get the most out of your fire pit, and build a fire pit.

  • Build your own fire pit, find out how you can make a fire pit in your own backyard or garden without buying one, an outdoor fire pit for everyone to enjoy, the DIY version!

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