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Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

Benefits and uses of a wood outdoor fire pits

Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Are you looking to invest in something that you and your family can enjoy all year around? Are you looking for an outdoor fire pit that is cheap yet elegant in design? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you might be looking for a wood burning outdoor fire pit. These types of pits come in many different types, styles, size, colors, shapes, fuels, and designs. Obviously, you should already be able to come to a conclusion that purchase an outdoor fire pit is rather difficult because of the different number of fire pits available.

Since you are obviously looking to purchase an outdoor fire pit this article will try to get you an insight in the various fire pits available as well as why wood burning outdoor fire pits are the most popular of all fire pits. This article will explain and define the following:

• The different types of fire pit available including the different materials use to make fire pits.
• The various fuels used to fuels an outdoor fire pit. As well as the benefits and disadvantages of each.
• The many safety precautions you should take into consideration whining purchasing, owning, and using an outdoor fire pit.

Outdoor fire pits are created using many different materials. The three most popular materials used to create outdoor fire pits include steel, stone, and brick. It is wise to remember that stone comes in many different types including mortar, marble, and limestone. Steel is a very popular material used to make fire pits but of course it has a number of major flaws. Steel is good because it is portable. When steel is colored black it is very easy to keep clean. The bad thing about steel is that it will rust when exposed to harsh environmental elements. So if you use a steel outdoor fire pit then be sure to bring it in out of the weather.

"When selecting an outdoor fire pit you have to consider the different fuels available to choose from."

 Stone and brick have their own set of advantages and disadvantages as well. Brick can be used to form many different formations but it comes in few colors. Brick is capable of standing up to the elements. The only thing that brick does wrong it that it doesn’t come in many different colors. Brick only comes in three or four different color. This is what makes stone more popular than brick and the most commonly used fire pit material. Stone offers more variety than any other material. Stone comes in many different types including mortar, marble and limestone. Mortar stone obviously required mortar to stick in place. Marble is extremely expensive and difficult to keep clean. Limestone is cheap because it is man made.

When selecting an outdoor fire pit you have to consider the different fuels available to choose from. You have three main options wood, propane, and natural gas. Propane is good because it is light weight making it extremely portable. However, it is very inconvenient because you have to get your take fill up or replace whenever it gets empty. Natural gas is a constant source but you need to pay another monthly bill with natural gas. Natural gas is inconvenient unless you already have natural gas lines installed otherwise you will need to hire someone to do the work for you.

Wood is a great fuel. Wood burning outdoor fireplaces is great because the wood has the most natural and traditional feel to it. Wood is either free or inexpensive. If you are willing to do the man labor than it is completely free but remember it is hard work and time consuming to chop and cut your own wood. Remember too if you are going to use a wood burning fire pit it is a good idea to use a screen. A screen will cover the pit which prevents embers and sparks from jumping out of the fire pit and burning you or starting an external fire. Also remember to protect your family you should never a fire unattended.