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Hello Fire Pits Helper,

Last Saturday I downloaded your free report, its been a while I have been not using my outdoor fireplace and I didn’t want to start paying a maintenance person to work on it (mainly because costs are unbelievably high in my area), I was pretty happy to see you give some information about this for free, which is amazing because I didn’t find anything else out there, in any case its been great (and now I am looking into a patio heater as well, so its works out really well for me) and helpful and I wanted to thank you for it,

Thanks for the report and really nice site,
Marie, CA

Our fall special, we have written a 7 page report about winter outdoor heating, with details on patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces, there is some information there that will also be useful for those of you who have a fire pit or a fire pit bowl.

There are no costs, it is completely, 100% free, we only need you to put your name and email just below this message, and confirm your subscription once you are in the system, once you are through with that we will send you the report.

You will need to join our list – only after that can we send you the report. Just enter your details and you will be reading it in minutes.


Send me The Report!
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