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What is a Gas Fire Pit

Using and cooking on Gas Fire pits

Do you already enjoy your back yard, garden, or pool? Well, guess what? You can enjoy it more with a gas fire pit. The gas fire pit has so many usages that you can utilize it for a lot of things. Just hanging outside under the stars watching your children play, that does sound relaxing doesn’t it? But if you put a gas fire pit in that picture what would you come up with? An added peaceful ambiance is given off by your gas fire pit just by watching the flames dance and play just like children or ballerinas.

Your gas fire pit can be used for a lot of different things. But the foremost and biggest use is cooking. You can cook anything that you would like to on your gas fire pit. There are a couple of ways to cook with it also. One you may want to have a metal rust free grate in your fire pit. This comes in handy so you can grill hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, or vegetables. This allows you to be able to monitor the food easier and rotate it when necessary. This will keep the food from burning to a crisp because you will have continuous control of the cooking process.

Now another fun way of cooking is by not cooking at all but letting the children do the cooking for you. I bet you are thinking that is a crazy idea. No it isn’t and it can be very safe under your supervision of course. All you will need to do is provide the children with some hotdogs, marshmallows and some safety roasting sticks. Yeah that’s right just these three items and you can kick back and relax but keep in mind don’t let the kids too close to the fire pit. The children will feel in control of cooking their own food. This will keep them occupied and you will be able to monitor their safety at all times.

 Another way to cook that does not require a grate or roasting sticks or rods. You can cook with cooking irons which come in different varieties for different types of foods. The cooking irons are of course cast iron meaning they are rust resistant. Some of them include the hot dog cooking iron, round cooking iron, dual square cooking iron, and the popcorn popper. Cooking with these cast iron cooking irons is very simple. The preparation is very simple all you will be required to do is pop your food in the iron and hold it over the fire. The iron will come with a few recipes and directions to give you an idea of how long it will take for the food to cook completely.

It really does not require a lot of maintenance on your gas fire pit. If you keep it covered when it is not in use this will save you a lot of time. You will not only protect the exterior of your gas fire pit but you will also be protecting the interior contents such as your stainless gas burner and grate. This will also prevent rain and snow from flooding the gas fire pit. It is a very good idea to keep the fire pit clean of any bird droppings as this will stain the material that the fire pit is constructed from. There are special cleaners that are for specific types of metals, stones, copper, cast iron, and other materials.

There are two great benefits that a gas fire pit has over the traditional wood or charcoal fire pit. The first being that you never have to worry about getting your gas fire pit lit. It will only require you turning on the gas and pushing the ignite button. That simple, no matches or lighter fluid required. The second great benefit is you will never have to worry about ashes. Ashes can definitely be a pain to deal with. It is a very messy job to clean the ashes out of a fire pit and disposal can be quiet challenging. Remember safety is the biggest factor when using your gas fire pit. By keeping it maintained you are cutting down the hazard risks and increasing safety regulations.