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Propane Fire Pits

Propane Fire Pits - Safety and Maintenance

 With living spaces expanding to include patios and yards, fire pits are quickly becoming the centerpiece of the outdoor living area.  As people expand their living spaces they want the outside to look as good as the inside and are investing in patio furniture, hammocks, outdoor lighting, barbecue grills, gazeboes, fire places and fire pits. 

Available in everything from traditional brick to contemporary copper, there is a fire pit available to compliment anyone's outdoor space.  With so many options available it can be a difficult decision to make, but for many propane is an ideal choice.

"Whether your outdoor living space can be used for two seasons or four, decorating a porch or a deck as simply or extravagant as you want to, Propane fire pits can add beauty and fun to your house"


propane fire pitsOne of the newest decorating techniques is to turn the yard or deck into an extension of the living space. This is done by moving indoor amenities outdoors, amenities such as cooking stoves, decorative and comfortable outdoor furniture and fire pits.

 By doing this homeowners potentially add another room to their current living space. Whether your outdoor living space can be used for two seasons or four, decorating a porch or a deck as simply or extravagant as you want to. Propane fire pits can add beauty to the yard, a type of centerpiece for your lawn, and offer numerous other benefits compared to other types of fire pits.
Fuelled propane is the ideal choice wanting to avoid the mess of ashes and overwhelming smell of smoke. Propane pits offer city dwellers the opportunity to use a fire pit as well; many city ordinances forbid wood burning within city limits. Propane is also less expensive and much better for the environment than wood. Propane fire pits can be used to add interest to any yard and by keeping your pit in proper working order, you will be able to use it to stay warm on many cool nights.

Safety and Maintenance of Propane Fire Pits:

• Propane is a practical and safe energy source, it is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic as well.  Due to the odorless nature of propane a foul smelling chemical, similar to the smell of rotten eggs, is added to it so that if you have a gas leak you will be able to identify it quickly.
• Maintain at least three feet of clearance surrounding the fire pit, greater than three feet is even more desirable.  Ensure that the fire pit is kept away from furniture, deck railing, trees, shrubs and your home; keep the fire pit away from flammable materials such as fire wood as well.
• Always read and follow all manufacturer instructions for the install and use of your propane fire pit.
• Keep the fire pit clear of any electrical cords or any other power sources to prevent hazards.
• Do not use the fire pit when it is windy outside, unless you build a fire block.  This is done to prevent the flames from “jumping” to other areas and starting a fire.
• Never line a fire pit with tin foil, or any other lining not recommended by the manufacturer.
• Do not use it to store any flammable materials or plastics that may melt, or represent a fire hazard.
• Under no circumstances should a child be left unattended near a fire pit when it is in use.
• Inspect and clean your burners frequently, particularly if you have not used it for some time.  Spiders and other insects can nest in the burners blocking the airflow, which can lead to the fire starting behind the burners. 
• If you use gas logs in your fire pit, remove them and check the burners to ensure they are free of dirt and lint.
• To clean your propane fire pit use a soft brush to remove all the dirt and lint. 

"Fuelled propane is the ideal choice wanting to avoid the mess of ashes and overwhelming smell of smoke."

While many of these tips may seem like common sense, it is very important to keep these things in mind so of that your fire pit remains a safe addition to your yard decor.  As safe as the pits are, there is always a potential risk any time fire is used.  Choose wisely, and follow all of the manufacturers recommendations for installation and maintenance of your new fire pit.  By staying alert to the potential dangers associated with fire pits, keeping up on cleaning and implementing the proper maintenance a new fire pit will make, not only a beautiful impact, but can be used safely to improve your home.