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Portable burner grills

Things can get real sporty with portable burner grills.

For your gourmet dreams come true in the outdoors, get started with a portable 2 burner grill. Like many of the great things coming in small packages, here is what a portable 2 burner grill get for you-

A 1 pound propane canister.
Average heat of 25,000 BTU's.
Versatility of removing grills after cooking.
Some designs come with nickel plated wire (impressively accommodating pots, pans or griddles).
Easy startup with built-in igniters
If you are taking your gang with you- there is Portable burner grillshardly any mercy for the portable grill burner. So get yourself some heavy duty side shelves. In most cases they come with tool hoods and stainless steel tops.
Maneuvering versatility with free standing removable legs- this lets you do the grilling on a table. So you can use on a table surface or on its own. Shelves and legs are removable allowing you pack and move.
Other versatility you can expect with a portable outdoor grill-
I. Adaptability to connect with large propane tanks
II. A set of porcelain coated cast iron grill grates- with over 350 square inches of cooking surface
III. Nickel plated grate for pots/pans or a griddle plus stainless steel covers and locking lids

If hiking and camping is your dream. Or you love to hang out in outdoors with your family or peers; there is a lot of amazing stuff in commercially marketed outdoor cooking stoves.