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Outdoor Stone Fire Pits

Stone and brick fire pits make the perfect outdoor upgrade

What are the advantages of an outdoor stone fire pit and what are some alternatives to stone?

Having an outdoor stone fire pit in your backyard can be just like having a traditional campfire. Stone is one of the most commonly used materials to make an outdoor fire pit. If you are on a low-budget income stone will be the right material for you. They come in many different colors, styles, designs, sizes, and shapes. It is very likely that there is a perfect outdoor stone fire pit to fit your outdoor décor. You may want to do some research on the type of stones that are available for you to build that perfect outdoor stone pit.

"Stone is one of the most commonly used materials to make an outdoor fire pit."

Most people choose to use stone over other types of material because it adds beauty to your home without using heavy materials. Stone is so popular because  of its so many diverse features including weight, color, texture, and shape. The biggest reason that stone is so popular among individuals today is because stone tends to hold up better in environmental conditions including rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Whatever stone you choose to build your outdoor fire pit with will last for many years giving you and your family long term usage if maintained properly. Choose carefully so that you will not regret your choice later.

 One type of stone that is widely used is the “thinstone” which is also a natural stone. Thinstone is used all the time for the construction of fire pits because it is so lightweight. With the thinstone being lightweight it helps to place the stone in the formation that you have chosen for your out door stone fire pit. It is also extremely easy to transport because of its lightweight. Thinstone gets its name from being very thin in size. Its thickness ranges from two inches to three inches and comes in numerous colors and textures making it very versatile.

"Stone has many benefits which makes it so popular, Fire pits made of stone are usually strong and robust, which is perfect for an outdoor decoration feature."

Stone has many benefits which makes it so popular. It is sure to fit your budget because it is low in cost. Stone can be cut very easily into many different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes. The smaller the stone is cut the cheaper it normally is. This enables you to set a specific budget for your outdoor stone fire pit project and stick with that budget by getting the perfect size stone. Again using stone will allow you the old traditional looking fire pit instead of a modern day look. Stone is easily chiseled down to size to get the perfect fit when putting the walls of the fire pit together.

Like any material that you use stone also has some disadvantages. If you select stone that is too thin it will break or chip very easily. So sometimes it is better to get a thicker type stone to prevent this from occurring. Be careful when selecting natural stone especially sand stone because if it has had exposure to ocean salt water or over exposure to harsh weather it has a tendency to explode when getting hot.

Your children may love to see rocks exploding because it would be just like Independence Day fireworks, but for you it would mean “back to the old drawing board again.” For the safety of yourself, others, and your assets do not bother messing with this type of stone.

A great alternative to stone is brick. Brick has many benefits which makes it’s popularity rank just as high as stone. Brick is very energy efficient because it holds heat really well. It is also an additional insulator. Brick has a very longevity rate. While there is occasional maintenance with brick but it is usually minor and low cost to fix the problem. Bricks also come in a variety of colors. When using brick you must use mortar to seal the bricks together and there isn’t a problem with finding the same color of mortar as the bricks. After reading this article I hope you have a better understanding of outdoor stone fire pits.