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Magic of Masonry – The Masonry Fire place

What types of masonry materials are used to build fireplaces? How durable is a masonry fireplace?

Everyone would love to have a masonry fireplace in their backyard. You could have that old fashioned barbecue in your backyard any time you would like. You can entertain your whole family, friends, and neighbors with your fireplace for any type of celebration.

When deciding on building or hiring someone to build a masonry Outdoor Masonry Fireplacesfireplace you will need to budget enough money to ensure that you will have the most beautiful fireplace in the neighborhood. Building a fireplace doesn’t really cost a fortune, but some of the materials that are required for the heating process are quiet expensive. This article will give you an overall picture of owning your very own outdoor masonry fireplace. For more informaiton about Stone outdoor fireplaces please click the link.


"Masonry Fire Places have many advantages but also some disadvantages, these bricks can degrade over a period of long time because of extreme weather such as frost. This is common with bricks and concrete blocks."


Types of materials used for construction of a masonry fireplace.

 1.Concrete: Concrete is a very durable material that can be used to build your outdoor fireplace. Concrete is becoming more popular as a material to construct fireplaces. Concrete for this construction is formed into blocks with hollow cores or solid squares or rectangle blocks. Concrete is very strong and can hold a lot of weight but concrete block with an empty core is better suited for light weight projects. When using concrete blocks to increase the reinforcement of the material rebar is used. Rebar is a steel bar that gives a greater tensile and lateral strength.

2.Brick: Brick is the most common masonry material that is used to build an outdoor fireplace. Brick is an insulator within itself. It is very durable and is capable of holding a lot of weight. Bricks come in a variety of colors and textures. Mortar is used to form a seal and stick the bricks together. There is not a problem with matching the color of the bricks and mortar. Brick is weather resistant but has a tendency to breakdown and may need to be replaced. There is a simple technique to remove a damaged brick you can research the method on the Internet.

3.Stone masonry: Stone masonry is irregularly shaped stone which some people like to refer to it as rubble stone or masonry. This type of masonry is not a popular choice when constructing a fireplace because it can be quiet an eye sore if not done properly. Stone masonry can be formed in rows of even height with using a spirit level to ensure levelness of the stones. This process can require a lot of time and patience to ensure perfection. River rock is another type of stone masonry which is used as a veneer. It is important when using any type of rock avoid rocks that have been exposed to harsh weather.

Masonry has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages. Bricks can degrade over a period of time because of extreme weather such as frost. This is common with bricks and concrete blocks. If you decide to use non-concrete or clay-based brick make sure that the material is suitable for any type of climate. It is very important that masonry is built on a very strong firm foundation due the fact that during the settling process the masonry can become cracked or split. Rebar must be used to reinforce the strength of the masonry when using it to construct a large or heavy project. Masonry can be a problem if you are in an area where there it is prone to earthquake and tornado because masonry does not stand up to twisting and turning.

Masonry’s strength is not totally reliant on mortar. The friction amid the interlocking blocks of masonry gives it the strength required to hold up a heavy structure. Some blocks have added grooves so that they can interlock the blocks so that mortar may not be required. When you choose to build your outdoor masonry fireplace do some research on the material that you decide to use so that you won’t regret your choice. It will take time, dedication, and patience to construct or hire a builder to construct your fireplace it will be well worth it when you see the smiles and peaceful looks on your family’s face when you put the fireplace to work.