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Outdoor grill covers

Outdoor grill covers are good investment for maintaining the looks and performance of your grills. Here are some facts to know-
• Why get a grilling cover?
a. You have assessed the cost of your grill. But did you asses the depreciation cost? An outdoor grill prevents the depreciation of your outdoor grill.
b. A good outdoor grill cover can protect your grill from dust, dirt, rain, dew, bird droppings, rodents, etc.
c. As grills are vulnerable to rust when they come in contact to water or moisture. A sophisticated outdoor cover can protect your grill from that.
d. Grills are protected well against harmful UV-rays. The covers also help fight the extreme low and high temperatures too.
e. Finally, if you care to spend a little more- you can get a 2/3 years of warranty of the grill covers.

• Sizes for grill covers.
There is no such thing as ‘universal’ size of grill covers. Thus whatever grill you are using- it should fall under the basic following categories-
a. 58L x 21W x 35H,
b. 58L x 30W x 40H,
c. 58L x 25W x 45H and
d. 58L x 35W x 45H.

• A gross estimate of sizes
And here is a generalized notion about size of your outdoor grill covers. The easiest way is- finding a size equal to or somewhat larger than your grill. This makes sure that your grill cover encompasses your grill with practically ‘zero’ trouble.

• Full-length heavy-duty vinyl covers

A full-length heavy-duty vinyl cover is good shield for charcoal grills. Like any other products, this features great mind blowing colors. For instance, a 36 inch outdoor grill cover can come built-in with your outdoor grilling expenses. Better designs of grilling covers come with heavy-duty vinyl. Improved designs can feature silk-screened lining and scratch resistant felt lining.

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