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Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

About Outdoor grill pits and Gas Fire Pits

There is probably an ocean of outdoor gas fire pits sold in stores. If you are planning to get one yourself, here are some general reviews on popular product categories-






Outdoor gas fire pits- the ingenious way

Say, you are out at the stores to find yourself a nice outdoor grill pit. But what if you get all three under one package? There are generous products in the market that holds all 3 in them -


Outdoor Gas Fire PitsThis is found so handy among the consumers that, a company manufacturing such designs won the outdoor fireplace VESTA AWARD (sponsored by Hearth & Home Magazine). Here is how the design works-

1. The wrought iron holder maneuvers the fire to sit atop. Thus, you are able to roast marshmallows or grill with ease. This gets even better as some of these categories come with chrome-coated grills.

2. Another way to use it is- getting the fire to sit below. Thus you will have the copper top/screen over it. The copper top has other utilities in addition to cooking- it can be used for storing wood.

3. Finally, you may utilize it as a typical floor firepit. This is possible when you remove the screen and copper dome. Don’t think it will look odd. In fact, it will give your outdoor cooking a ‘one of a kind’ look.

Note: Always use a non-combustible hearth pad or brick pavers underneath a wood-burning fireplace being used on top of combustible materials such as wood decking. This will protect against fire or heat damage.

Fire Pit Coals

Charcoal grill pits

Charcoal grill pits can add the ‘real’ flavor to your outdoor grill pits experience. A 60" charcoal grill pit should just serve your family need. It is a great decision if you by one with wheels. This allows you to take the family size grill to virtually anywhere. Such a grill can have the following features as well (accessories for charcoal pits are sold separately in many cases)-

Roll-top hood with Fahrenheit thermometer.
Stainless steal body with non-toxic finish (heat resistant)
Easily manageable side doors (with even easier cleansing capacity)
Coated with a non-toxic heat resistant finish
Adjustable fire grates with capacity to be adjusted from 4"-14" underneath cooking grates

Copper grill fire pits

Copper grill fire pits have their own appeal in your outdoors. This gets even better with decorative steel stands. In fact, these are made in solid copper bowls. But these are not ordinary bowls. Stylish copper fire pits are built with copper alloy/cocktail finished with powder coating and steel construction. Many copper grill pits come with a dome fire screen, and grill grates. You can buy special grill grates and other grilling accessories separately.

Black metal firepit grills

These fire pits are one of a kind with their exquisite looks. They are black, the have the high-tech, posh look pasted all over. A good addition to you outdoor grilling experience, this type of metal grills come with elegant finish. They are manufactured round or square. The square ones however give you more sense of space. Key features to look for-


The whole fire pit grill should be in tough framework
Comes with steel fire screen
Look for a package with mesh lids
Vinyl covers (may have to purchase separately)
Gross bowl dimension- 23.25"L x 23.25"W x 8.5"H
Gross total dimension- 30"L x 30"W x 19.125"H
Should be less than 50 lbs under $170 price range

"Carefully select a level area to place your grill pits, the location is of great importance here, It could be your patio but never use it under a roof"

Tips for setting up an outdoor grill pits

Consider the following safety points before you start cooking-
a.Keep your outdoor grill pits at a distance from the walls of buildings. Don’t even think of using your grill pit in a garage or beneath tree branches hanging too low.
b.Carefully select a level area to place your grill pits. It could be your patio or level space in a lawn. But do not use it under a roof- especially flammable one.
c.If a grill is use the grill pit on a wood deck, do not forget to place a large piece of metal (or a patio/deck protector would also do) under the grill fire pits.
d.By no means should you leave your outdoor grill pit unattended while they are one fire. This applies especially when you have children and pets around.
e.Keep a fire extinguisher handy. At least keep one within reach for emergencies.

Outdoor grill pits and outdoor gas fire pits are not about just burning and cooking- getting yourself the right instrument can make you feel like a winner.

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