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Outdoor Fire Rings

What is an outdoor fire ring? What is outdoor fire rings used for?

If you want to build a fire that is in an unsafe location you may want to purchase a fire ring. Fire rings can also be used were you do not have access to a fireplace, fire pit, or a grill. You can use a fire ring for a campfire if you don’t have a grill. You will never have to worry about gathering rocks or stones to build an old fashioned campfire. Just put down the fire ring and you are ready to get started. Fire rings come in many different sizes and shapes this will depend on the size of people that you want to provide a meal for.

A fire ring is a forged metal circle that is bottomless. They are designed to allow you to build a campfire in the center of it. A fire ring will keep the fire contained inside of the circled ring. The fire ring is portable so you can transport any where you want to. You can use your fire ring all year long as long you are in a safe environment. There is nothing like a campfire right in your back yard, beach, or campsite. Fire rings are inexpensive and will fit any type of budget and is reusable making it a more affordable item.

What types of fire rings are available?

1.Heavy duty cast iron: A heavy duty cast iron fire ring is available on the internet. It comes in different sizes and three different heights. It is rust proof and crack resistant. Is very easily assembled and only requires a short time frame to set up. It has no bottom so that the fire is built in the center and will stay contained within the ring. It is portable so that you can take it with you any where you want to. The weight of the fire ring depends on the height and diameter of the ring.

"The heavy duty cast iron outdoor fire rings, its portable so that you can take it with you any where you want to, even the beach..."

2.Collapsible Fire Ring: A collapsible fire ring is constructed from ten gauge steel that is rust proof and weather resistant. It is painted with a high temperature black paint that will withstand high heat temperatures. You can special order personalized logos; name, flags, sports teams, or whatever you desire. You can transport it any where you would like. The collapsible fire ring is available in a hexagon shape to make the ring collapsible. This item is available on the internet just visit your search engine to locate the collapsible fire ring.

3.Permanent Fire Ring: The permanent fire ring is constructed from ten gauge steel and is painted with a high temperature resistant black pain. You can have the fire ring personalized with your very own special logos. This fire ring is permanent and can not be transported you must choose a very safe location. You never want to place your permanent fire ring under trees, congested areas, or in walkways. These fire rings are available on the internet for your convenience.

"Your own permanent fire ring, you can have the fire ring personalized with your very own special logos, marks or signs"

 Whatever types of fire ring you choose to buy just remember safety first. Always put the fire ring in a safe area where there is not a potential forest fire outbreak. The ring can be made from cast iron or ten to fourteen gauge steel. Be sure that your fire ring is weather resistant and rust proof. When placing your fire ring place it on top of sand, dirt, or rock. The fire ring is very easily set up and in no time you will be able to enjoy your homemade camp fire roasting wieners, marshmallows, and sausage. You can even add a cast iron grate to the center of your fire ring to allow for cooking steaks and hamburgers. The fire ring is reusable so that you and your family will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

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