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Outdoor Fire Pits

Types of Outdoor fire pits


As the summer season nears, people tend to spend more time relaxing in their secluded backyard, patio or garden, enjoying the cool breezy evening with their family.

A fire pit in the backyard, patio or garden will be an added advantage to stay warm during the cool nights.

The backyards or the gardens, where outdoor fire pit are available will be an added attraction and a special place for the hosts to invite family and outdoor fire pit torchfriends to spend a cold evening with you. An outdoor fire pit is the perfect solution to avoid the chills outdoors in the nights.


The popularity of the fire pits is on the rise and many people have started realizing that investing on an outdoor fire pit will be much cheaper than investing on costlier fire holding equipments.

Also the outdoor fire pits are easy to install and maintain. One can build his own fire pit according to his likes and dislikes and putting his creative instincts to work.



"The popularity of fire pits is on the rise, many people have realized that investing in an outdoor fire pit will be cheaper than investing in fire holding equipments"

Some people use the fire pits in the gardens and backyards as a source of light to liven up their evenings. Some also install the fire pit for light as well as grill cooking or barbecuing food. There are a lot of outdoor fire pits available in the marker in various shapes, sizes and designs to cater to the demands of the global consumers.

It is not necessary that one has to build an outdoor fire pit all by himself, as there are many ready to use models of outdoor fire pits that are easily available these days. Also there are special designers available, who will assist the homemaker in building the fire pit according to his requirements.

stone fire pit

 There are different varieties of outdoor fire pits available. From the traditional wood fire pit used during the olden days to the latest gas outdoor fire pit, there are wider choices of fire pits available. The most traditional, common and the easiest fire pit that can be made is the fire wood outdoor fire pit. At first, a proper place has to be selected for building this fire pit. Then a circle is marked in the identified area, depending on the size required for the fire pit. Dig a hole around the circle for about two to three feet; fill it with gravel for about one foot. The fire wood can be placed on the gravel in the dug up pit. Build a wall around the dug up pit using fireproof bricks. And place the fire ring on top of the brick wall. The fire pit is ready.

Another type of outdoor fire pit that will spice up the lawn or the backyard is the chiminea fire pit. It is one of the oldest types of fire pits, more prevalent in Mexico in the 17th century used to bake bread and to make fires. These fire pits primarily used for two reasons: warming up the surroundings on cold nights as well as grilling by lifting the chiminea’s neck off and fixing the grill provided to make it a convenient cooking surface.

There type of outdoor fire pits provides safety from the sparks and blowing embers apart from keeping people comfortable from the smoky fires. Traditionally, chiminea is made from ceramic, but nowadays they are available in cast iron or metal. Modern versions of the chiminea have a cylindrical stovepipe fixed on to a rounded body with a small hole in the side for filling the body with wood to fire.

Another common type of outdoor fire pit is the portable one, which appeals to every customer for its special feature that it is movable. These fire pits are designed using light materials in such a way that they can be easily taken by the owner while traveling. With this portability feature, a campfire can be set at any moment and in any place- be it your backyard or the patio.

Copper fire pit is one of the most contemporary and high quality type of outdoor fire pits available in the market. But one has to be careful in selecting a good quality fire pit made of copper; otherwise cracks will start appearing at the bottom due to the heat from the coal or pieces of firewood. A 100% pure copper fire pit is highly recommended which will last a long way and is highly safe. The copper fire pit will add a touch of uniqueness and antiqueness to your backyards or gardens.

"Copper fire pit is one of the most contemporary and high quality type of outdoor fire pits available in the market"

A fire pit table is another type of outdoor fire pit built on the top of a patio table. The fire pit table has a table around the fire pit where people can cool off placing their legs on the table and relaxing in the backyards. It is also very useful for placing the cooking utensils and raw materials. Hence, a patio fire pit table has a fire pit that fits directly on the table and whose surface can be used for resting the feet or for placing the drinks or keeps the supplies of the food.

The gas outdoor fire pit is a modern type of fire pit where you have a cozy fire pit which is clean and is very safe for the family, without the fear of flying embers. The gas fire pit is an excellent choice as an outdoor fire pit for people willing to spend some extra money to buy a lavish and peaceful outdoor beauty for your gardens or backyards.