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Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking

The Joy of Outdoor Cooking

Everyone loves to cook outdoors. It gives them the old fashioned camp fire feeling. The aroma of the food cooking makes your mouth water and makes your belly rumble. Whether you are using wood, charcoal, or propane to fuel your fire pit you capture the flavors in your foods. Most people like to fuel their outdoor fire pits with wood because it gives the out door feel like in the old days. Different types of wood that you can use to fuel your fire pit with includes; maple, oak, hickory, pecan and apple. The purpose of using wood is so that you can capture the flavors in the foods.

Just the thought of having an outdoor fire pit cooking event gives the ambiance of relaxation and family time. You can enjoy your fire pit whether you are cooking or just using it as a form of heat to stay warm. A fire pit emits heat from the entire diameter which allows everyone to sit around the fire pit and stay warm. No one has to worry about crowding or bunching together to try and capture some of the warmth. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the dancing flames and embers. The ambiance is amazing and very relaxing for everyone.

 Most men enjoying firing up their fire pit. They get excited when the flames are high. They like to show off their skills of building a fire pit fire. The bigger the fire the better it makes it look on them especially if they are fueling their fire pit with wood. You can also fuel your fire pit with charcoal. There are many different types of charcoal available on the market today. The briquettes are available in many different sizes just for your preference and convenience. Charcoal is made from chips of wood and chemical that holds them together. They contents are compressed together forming a briquette shape. This will give your food the taste of wood that the briquettes are created with.

 You can let your kids cook their own food and give you a bit of a break when it comes to outdoor fire pit cooking. They can roast their own marshmallows and hotdogs. There are fire pit accessories that are available that will make it a rewarding and safe experience for the children. It is exciting for a child to think he is preparing their own food just like their parents. Makes them feel responsible and grown up. Do your children like popcorn? Of course most answers are going to be yes. There are outdoor fire pit or grill popcorn poppers out there that is made specifically for popping popcorn. Oh yeah don’t forget out smores.

Don’t forget about that pig roast. A lot of cultures feel that it is a ritual to have a pig roast as a wedding celebration, birthday party, graduation party, family reunion, and the holidays. There are many ways to roast a pig by using a fire pit. You can either bury it in the ash or put it on a rotisserie. The purpose of barbecuing is to allow the food to cook slowly over low heat. With a rotisserie your meat will need to be rotated frequently to allow the food to be cooked evenly or thoroughly. When burying your pig in the ashes there is a process that you must follow to wrap the pig prior burying it.

Most people think about meat when cooking on their fire pit but can actually cook vegetables. You can put them on a skewer, wrap them in foil, or cook them directly of the heat. Just remember the bigger your fire pit grate will be the determination of how much food you can cook at one time. Keep that in mind when you are building or buying your own fire pit. Safety is a must especially when it comes to children around a fire pit. Always keep them a safe distance from the pit when they are roasting their marshmallows. Keep your fire extinguisher handy just in case there is a potential uncontrollable fire.