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Fire pits are the growing trend in outdoor and indoor heating, the fire pit allows you to have an instant campfire in your garden or patio, without the trouble of ashes and out of control fire, the fire pit is a perfect solution for many who already have an outdoor fireplace or a big patio heater, because it is much more economical and will provide the heat and the ambiance for two or three couples enjoying the outdoors.

The best thing about fire pits is that you can use them for many different reasons and with completely different purposes in mind, the romantic fire on the deck or patio, the family evening roasting marshmallows on the fire, entertaining a few friends or family in the garden with a fire feature to make things cozy and nice, the fire pit has a fast solution for each of those without running into high cost in maintenance and losing lots of time cleaning and fixing, pits are easy to maintenance and clean, and also come in a verity of different heat sources, colors and materials.

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 Santa Fe Fire Pit 

santa fe fire pit
Realistic sculpted logs
Smoke free - no messy ashes
UL Listed-Safe for Any Surface
Stainless Steel Burner Included
Cover Included




 The Solarium fire pitnew

The Solarium fire pit  


High end beautifull propane/natural gas fire pit 




If you are a passionate do it yourself person, with the knowledge and love for personal design and original thought than fire pits are one thing that you could enjoy even more, look into our build your own fire pit kits and frames selections, we collected this information by ourselves, some by our faithful visitors who sent us emails and let us know of a new product that they discovered, the sky is the limit with personalization and self design of fire pits, since kits have the basic material you can add your finishing touches and make a unique fire pit.