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octagon stone outdoor fireplace

Octagon Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Octagon Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

octagon stone outdoor fireplaceThis stone outdoor fireplace is one option for you to avoid construction costs and help you keep it simple and easy. A stone fire pit is one of the things that can really change your outdoors, this fireplace can be installed in your garden or backyard, porch or deck, patio or your poolside area, the electronic ignition system makes sure you do not take too long to start the fire, and use of both natural gas or propane answers the needs of most fire pit loves because of its easy of use and low maintenance features.

A regular stone fire pit would mean that you will need to set it up in your garden, dig a hole for it and construct it from the base, regular maintenance could be expensive since you will need to change bricks or do minor repairs once winter is over, drainage and cleaning issues are also some of the problems that DIY fire pit lovers have, this stone outdoor fireplace solves all these problems and is a fast and clean solution for a garden and outdoor firepit feature.


Weight: 150-220 lbs
Fireplace Height 16"
Long Lasting Steel Burners
A Full One-Year Warranty
Select Propane or Natural Gas
Electronic Ignition Light System
Galvanized Steel & Aluminum Frame
Interior is a Full 24" Wide x 24" Deep
Unit Provides a Warm 90,000-100,000 BTU's
Two Burner System 18" Outside and 12" Inside
Gas Supply: 1/2" NPT for Natural or LP is required
Beautiful Combination of Natural Stone and Alloys