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Charcoal Grills

Find the grill of your dreams

 Throughout the years grills have been used for many things. Grills have also gone through many changes throughout the years. Many uses of grills include heating, lighting, and of course cooking. This article is all about the most enjoyable use of the grill which is cooking of course. Below will contain a list and review of the most popular and best grills for cooking various foods. Charcoal is great and adds a delicious flavor to anything cooking using it. Here is a list of the best charcoal grills currently available on the market.

1. Weber 22 1/2 inch One Touch Silver

The Weber 22 ½ inch One Touch Silver grill is a very cheap and compact grill that provides the bare necessities for cooking nearly anything. Anything made by Weber is well made and guaranteed to last for a very long time. Of all of the small compact grills on the market today, the Weber 22 ½ inch One Touch Silver grill is by far the best. The grill is also equipped with multiple adjustable vents. The grill is very well rounded and capable of cooking, frying, steaming, and even smoking. The grill provides enough room for plenty of cooking space. With an optional rotisserie kit, direct, and indirect grilling options the Webber ½ inch One Touch Silver grill is well worth its price tag.

2. Big Green Egg

If you are looking for a charcoal gill that is capable of cooking anything but is exception when it comes to smoking then the Big Green Egg grill is good for you. The grill is capable of holding low temperatures for an extremely long period of time making it great for smoking. This is a similarity it shares with other Kamado cookers. The Big Green Egg grill allows you to cook anyway you wish making it the only grill you’ll ever need. The Big Green Egg grill is extremely well rounded offering smoking, frying, and steaming. The grill is guaranteed to last for a long time making it a very good investment for anyone.

3. Char-Griller Outlaw

Great for parties and cook outs the Char-Griller Outlaw offers a massive amount of cooking space of over one thousand square inches allowing you to cooking tons of things at once. This grill is very well rounded and capable of cooking hot and fast or low and slow. The grill offers a little of everything. There really isn’t much you cannot do with this grill. The grill is very durable its heavy steel construction and extremely durable grates will ensure a long life span for the Char-Grill Outlaw. All these features just seem to make its one hundred and fifty dollar price tag that much sweeter. The price tag makes this grill too good to pass up.

4. Old Smokey Classic

The Old Smokey Classic is probably the best small compact grill you’ll find under fifty dollars anywhere. If you are looking for a small compact grill that is super portable, than look no further than the Old Smokey Classic. Although the grill is extremely small its cooking space is extremely large. The cooking space is large enough for you to cook a lot of food at once. The Old Smokey Classic is a true classic as it hasn’t changed in over seventy five years yet its design offers wide grilling capabilities. The Old Smokey Classic is very well rounded and a great investment for under fifty dollars.

5. Weber Performer

The Weber Performer is almost a gas grill stuck in a charcoal grill’s body. The Weber Performer is capable of using a five gallon propane tank. It is also equipped with a burner unit to help light the charcoal for you. Starting the grill is nearly effortlessly. Simply put charcoal into the grill, press the button, and wait a few minutes. After that, simply turn off the gas and start cooking. The Weber Performer is a complete cooking unit and as well rounded as they come. Cooking all types of foods is available thanks to its large cooking space. The grill is extremely easy to clean up thanks to its ash catch. The grill is also equipped with a very convenient working space.

6. Portable Kitchen Cooker

The Portable Kitchen Cooker is very similar to the charcoal grills used back in the 1950s. Its solid cast aluminum simple design ensures that this grill it portable yet guarantees a long life span. The grill is available popular for its great grilling abilities. The performance of the grill will not decrease throughout the years.