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How to Build Outdoor Fire Pits

Time For Action - How to build an outdoor fire pit by yourself?  

If you have decided to build your outdoor fire pit instead of buying a fire pit kit then you will find this article very helpful. You don’t need to be a professional builder to contrast your very own fire pit, it is quiet simple actually. An outdoor fire pit can add beauty to your backyard landscape. There are lots of things to consider before you start the actual building process. You may decide to do some research prior to making the right answer to all the questions you will be asked. What is the first step to building an outdoor fire pit?

“A very important factor you should consider is the right type of sand stone”

Well, the answer is quiet simple. What location in your backyard do you want to put your fire pit? Remember it is very important to stay away from overhanging tree branches because the flames of the fire can reach very high and to ensure you a clear view of the sky when you are gathered around the pit. Try to stay away from congested areas or walkways because it can tend to be a potential for an accident. With the ambiance that an old fashioned campfire like fire pit can give; you may decide to build where there is a potential for less noise.

 To ensure added safety it is important to make sure you are meeting the fire code regulations. Check with your local fire department to obtain any codes that you need to follow when using your outdoor fire pit. You would not want to get a fine for not following fire codes especially when you were not aware of there being any. You don’t want your fire pit to be a hindrance, you want it to be something that you can be proud of and can use for many years to come. A very important item that you will need to purchase is a fire extinguisher just in case the fire gets out of hand.

After you have decided on the location for your new fire pit and now know the fire codes a big decision that you are faced with is what material you want to use to build the exterior wall of your outdoor fire pit. There are so many types of materials out there that you may want to do some research on the products that are available. But to briefly sum it up for you in this article we will give you a few examples. Brick, mortar, concrete block, or sand stone this is only to name a few.

A very important factor that you must consider when choosing the right sand stone or other rock to build your fire pit be very careful to not choose rocks that have been exposed to ocean salt water or overexposure to different types of weather. This being important because they can explode when coming in contact with a heat source.

“Location is critical here, you do not want the fire pit anywhere near wood or flammable objects”

Now that you have chosen all your materials, hopefully you have gathered all the tools that you will need to start the building process. Just an idea of what you will need is a wheel barrel, shovel, sledgehammer, rake, tape measure, a mallet, a spirit level, and a tool for tampering. Your first step is to lay out your blocks in a circular formation; you may need to split some of the rocks to ensure a perfect circle and that all joints are tight. Also make sure that the block’s edges are lined up perfectly. Take a spade or shovel to mark a circle in the ground leaving about an inch between the spade and rock. When you are done move the blocks back out of the way.

Your third step will be to build a trench twelve inches deep and the width of a block. Fill the trench with about six inches of gravel then tamper them down until they are level. It is time to lay all the fire brick inside the trench use the spirit level to ensure levelness; tampering down any high areas with your mallet. Put a layer of masonry adhesive on the top of the blocks.

Then lay another course of blocks on top of the first layer and the adhesive making sure that they are a tight fit. Fill the center of the pit with six inches of gravel; then add adhesive and another layer of block. Insert the iron campfire ring into the circle adjust it if needed to site even with the block wall. Now it is time for you to lay the bricks, stone, or rock on the top of the pit just like a cap. Put a layer of mortar on top of the blocks that you had put in previously and around the stones just as you have been doing. Give it time to dry which may take a day or so then you will be able to enjoy your outdoor fire pit for many years to come.

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