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How to build a Fire Pit

Build your own pit

 Fire pits are great, they are fun, a source of heat and can be used for outdoor cooking and parties, this multi functional outdoor feature can be built with not much difficulty, and in many different ways, lets go over this and hopefully get you started with building, and understanding how to build a fire pit.

First thing you will need to think about is what kind of pit you have in mind, if it is a stone fire pit, a gas fire pit, or even a custom made fire pit. You will need to realize that building some type of pits is more complicated than others, if you are interested in the most basic pit you you use very basic materials, and if you want an elaborate one you will need to invest time as well as money into it.

Just so we have a basic agreement on an outdoor fire pit that will set the standard, lets just try and focus this build a fire pit DIY page on a brick outdoor fire pit, one that can be used for cooking as well as sitting around, that will not take too much of your time to build, and that will not need a very serious fire pit plan.

 Second step is to to consider the placing of your fire pit, outdoor pits need to be in a safe distance of anything that might catch fire, they are also best placed in a location that will guarantee easiness of use and if you plan to do some fire pit cooking you will be wise to think about the route the food will have to take to get to its final destination. Once you carefully considered the location, draw a circle but using a stick and a rope to measure the diameter of your outdoor fire pit, and dig a hole deep enough to have the base of  the pit in it, you will need to set a drainage system, so that your pit wouldn't overflow each time it rains.

Using bricks to set the pit you will just need to make sure that the bricks or stone you use can handle the heat, and that the cement you will use to hold those together would also be strong enough to be used in such proximity to fire, don't take risks and do not be shy about it, the last thing you want it to put in time and money in your new fire pit just to discover it fell apart on its third run.

Some other considerations you should have in mind are the fire safety regulations in your area, most times you will find out it makes a lot of sense and you should definitely listen to what your fire safety experts have to say about the standards in fire protection in your city or state.

Some time people build a very big pit and later find that they have a great difficulty finding a big enough grate to cook on, try and find a cooking grate before you actually build your fire pit. Using charcoal on a fire pit is good for cooking, and you can check out our charcoal grill section to learn about charcoal starters and charcoal grills so that you could get cooking real fast.


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