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Grilling & Smoking - part 2

• Is smoking and barbequing the same?
To better understand the difference between the different heat-driven cooking techniques, here are some facts on the differences between barbequing and smoking.

a. Barbequing is a subcategory of smoking but all smoking cooking cannot be called barbequing.

b. Why barbequing is a subcategory of smoking? Simple! In barbequing, food is cooked in the smoke. And the food being cooked is not in contact with the heat source.

c. Whereas in most smoking methods, the meat is very near or in contact with the heat source. But this is done in a very low heating condition.

d. The smoke is the prime attraction in case of smoking technique as the smoke adds a delicious flavor.

e. In smoking techniques, there are two things that cook the food- the smoke and the heat. But in barbeque, the food is cooked by the heat only.

• Tips on smoking-cooking
While trying to understand how the grilling, smoking or barbequing works, don’t you feel like doing it right away and enjoying the ‘specially prepared meat’?  Here are some tips to get started-
What you need:
1. You will need a smoke cooker. If you do not have one, you can use a kettle style grill. 
2. The main catch in smoked food is the unique flavor of smoke. To get the best results you can use oak, maple, or fruit woods. But remember to use 2 inch by 2 inch pieces. You could also use twigs. But if you use them, remember to soak them in water for an hour.
3. Some people use woody herbs (i.e. rosemary or sage), but you should be careful about avoiding the use of trees or shrubs with needles instead of leaves.

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