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Grill & Smoker - part 3

How you’ll cook:


A. Step 1: As you are ready, you can now place the soaked wood directly on the coals. Do this a few seconds before you place the food on the grill. You can use vents to monitor the temperature inside the cooker.


B. Step 2: Use a driller to make a hole in a kettle style grill lid. Just put in a Fahrenheit thermometer.
C. Step 3: You will prepare coals now. Add lump charcoal and ignite.
D. Step 4: Continue with the vents wide open. Until colas are completely ash over keep on burning them. The coals are now to be spread the coals over the fire pan. You can close the lid then. Do not forget to adjust the vents and keep temperatures steady at 200 degrees. Beef can be smoked within 170 to 220 Fahrenheit temperature range. For poultry/fish it could take 200 and 250.
E. Step 5: Be a patient cooker. If you want the food well done, you should go for tougher cuts of the meat. Don’t be afraid to cook longer. In fact, longer is better for fish and seafood.
Regardless of the differences between grilling and smoking, cooking outdoor can be fun gang out with family and friends.   

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