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Getting Charcoal ready

• How do I know my charcoal is ready or not?

The art of grilling demands that your charcoal is just enough hot for cooking with the right flavor within the right time. Here are some gauges from the grilling gurus-
a. 4/5th of the charcoal is ashy gray in daylight- This means that When the coals are ready to go for grilling.
b. The charcoal has taken a red glow in darkness- This means the charcoal is ready too.
c. Bright red charcoals- Too hot for cooking- may damage the smoky flavor.
d. Black charcoals- Too cool. This can damage the food’s flavor. This is caused by the un-vaporized charcoal lighters.
e. Blend of black and red in charcoal- Means that your charcoal is producing uneven heat.

• Me, a human thermometer?

That’s right! After all, grilling is like the primitive way of cooking- just like the cave men. The natural it is, the fun it would get! You can gauge the temperature of the grill by simply placing your hand above- but remember not to touch it! If are able to keep you hand for-

a. 2 seconds- This means that temperature is too high;
b. 3 seconds- This stands for mediocre temperature
c. 4 seconds- Means the temperature is okay and
d. 5 seconds- Means you have to heat up. The temperature is too low.

Learning the ins and outs about charcoal grilling will help the recipe achieve its objectives.