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Fire pit safety


Fire pits are known to be a great source of warmth and ambience in recent years. Nothing feels as good as starting a fire on the fire pit and sitting around it spending the evenings. Fire pits are slowly taking over as a popular choice over fire places.

Fire pits are used to improve the ambience of your home interior too. With the popularity of fire pits increasing, fire safety has become very important in homes. There are many things that you have to consider while using and setting up a fire pit. The safety and security of your homes and fire pit is of utmost importance. There are certain fire pit safety rules that you need to understand and follow to enjoy your fire pit safely.


fire pit safetyThe first and foremost safety rule is to make sure that you put up your fire pit as per the instructions given in the manual. It is always advisable to get a professional to setup your fire pit. Portable fire pits are basically designed for outdoor use. Hence it is better not to use a portable fire pit indoors as they can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and also increases the possibility of a fire.

Always place your fire pit on a solid surface and in an open area. Placing a fire pit near buildings, trees or overhanging rooflines should be avoided. Once your fire pit is placed in a proper place, the next important step is to light the fire. Do not allow children to light the fire as it can be dangerous. It is always better to have an adult to start the fire and ensure that it is done safely and properly. Never use any accelerants to light the fire.

 Do make sure that you keep a considerable distance away from the fire pit. Fire pits tend to spit out sparks which can injure anyone too close to the fire pit. Also clear the area around the fire pit from any combustible materials. Dry leaves, paper, dry grass or pine needles can catch fire easily from the sparks that come out of the fire pit. Your garden furniture also should be away from the fire pit as they can be damaged by the fire sparks. Be very careful when you approach the fire pit. There is always a chance of one slipping and falling on the fire pit. Flammable liquids should be kept well away from fire pits as some flammable liquids can catch fire just from the emitting heat.

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gas fire pitBefore you light the fire, do check for the wind direction. A strong wind can always make a small fire become an inferno with the addition of wind. An inferno like this can go out of control and can spread very quickly.

Such an incident is always possible and hence it is a must to have a fire extinguisher near the fire pit. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, at least have a garden hose ready to put out the fire that goes out of control. Make sure that the fire is put off properly before you leave.


Leaving a small fire un-extinguished can turn into a big fire under a few circumstances. So put out the fire completely before you retire for the evening. It is better not to use a fire pit under windy conditions as sparks can fly around a lot and the fire can get out of control.

Do not allow children to play around the fire pit. Children can be careless and get hurt or burnt while playing near the fire pits. Take utmost care when you are consuming spirits near the fire pit. Spirits are highly flammable and can ignite just from heat. Spirits and fire are a deadly combination. When you are using a gas fire pit make sure that the source or storage of the gas is at a place that is well away from the fire pit. Also make sure that the wood that you use for the fire is seasoned wood or charcoal. Do not use garden waste, garbage or any other source that would give out black smoke to burn in the fire pit.

Nowadays, fire pit screens are available in the market. These screens are to protect the sparks from coming out of the fire pit. They can also ensure that the wind has very little effect on the fire as it forms a sort of an enclosure around the fire. Never leave the fire unattended even if you have a fire pit screen placed as prolonged exposure to heat can damage the fire pit screen too. Keep a first aid kit with essential medicines to treat burns near you always. Burns are tough to treat and require some special medications to prevent infection. Reading about treating burns can help you to give the correct first aid when needed.

We sit around fire pits to enjoy our evenings, but our enjoyments should not be a nuisance to our neighbors. Ensure that the smoke from the fire pit is not heading into your neighbor’s yard. If it does so then you can put off the fire or move the fire pit to another location provided it is a portable one. Our neighbors want to enjoy their evening just as we want to and it is our moral responsibility not to spoil their evening. Follow the safety rules and enjoy using your fire pit to make your evenings a memorable one.