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Fire pit cooking

Different ways to cook on fire pits

An outdoor fire pit in your patio or backyard is an excellent place to spend the evenings with your family or friends. It is a nice feeling to sit around the fire and enjoy the dinner get together with your close friends and family members.




Firepits usually are permanent structures in the patio or backyard, but nowadays we get portable fire-pits also. Firepits are now even used for cooking and hence people can not only enjoy the fire but also relish some delicious grilled food.

There are plenty of options of fire pits available these days that can be bought depending on the size, shape and the style that will aptly suit your backyard or patio.

The different types of fire-pits that are readily available or can be built are: portable fire pit, fire pits built on table, cast iron fire pit, copper fire pit, or simple stone fire pit. Most fire pits can be transformed into a nice barbecue pit, which can be used for preparing various delicious dishes.

fire pit cooking 

These fire pit barbecue can use either wood fire or charcoal for cooking food. Along with pits one should have a grill grate, and a rotisserie or a tripod to make cooking easy and enjoyable. On a grill fixed to the barbecue fire pit, one can literally cook anything you want. While cooking on the barbecue fire pit, one has the advantage of burning wood fire or charcoal for heating the food on the grill. Fire pits, apart from providing pleasure for people to sit around and enjoy a good night’s party will also provide the warmth and great aromas of the food being cooked.




The main advantage of fire pit cooking is that it can serve the dual purpose of an outdoor fire pit as well as, it can be used as a fire pit grill.

Also, the most famous cooking raw material, the firewood can be used to add flavor to the fat juicy meat that is being cooked.

Also different types of firewood namely cherry wood, oak, almond wood etc, can de used to add varying flavors and aroma to the food being cooked. Nowadays, larger fire pits are easily available which will enable to cater to a larger gathering. Charcoal can be another medium of fuel that can be used in fire pit cooking.

As cooking on an outdoor firepit grill is fun, there are different ways of cooking on the fire-pit which will enhance the way one cooks. Skewer cooking is one of the oldest and the simplest form of fire pit cooking. Cooking on the pit using skewers, will just need the fire in the fire pit and no cooking grill is needed. This will reduce the cost of a fire pit considerably. One or two long skewers with wooden handles will be sufficient enough for roasting sausages, hot dogs or marshmallows in the open.

Some smaller birds like pigeons, quails etc can be easily cooked over the fire pit with the help of skewers. Direct heat grilling is another way of cooking on the fire pit. Here the food is cooked directly over the heat source, rather than cooking by circulating hot air over the food. This will be similar to barbecue cooking. The direct heating grill will enhance the speed of cooking of smaller food items like grilled steak, marinated chicken breasts, pork or lamb chops, sausages, hamburgers etc. The direct heat from the fire pit will help in cooking the food faster to a fine golden brown caramelized color with the meat looking crispy and juicy.

firepit cooking tips

Indirect heat grilling is another way of cooking in a fire pit.

Here, rather than heating the food directly with the help of the open fire pit, the food is cooked slowly in the hot air circulating the food.

This is a slow process, but there is no fear of the food getting heavily roasted.
But to use indirect heat grill on the fire pit, it has to have an area where there is no direct heat below it.

Also a solid lid is needed to cover the fire-pit for the indirect heat grilling to function properly. This is done to allow the food to be cooked in the circulating hot smoky air in the fire pit grill. Ideally, indirect heat grilling is used to cook whole chickens; tri- trip roasts etc which takes a long time to cook in the outdoor fire pit.

Rotisserie cooking is a type of cooking on the outdoor fire-pit where the food to be cooked is placed on a metal plate of the rotisserie and is turned around manually or by the motorized rotisserie.


The ultimate in slow grilling is achieved while using rotisserie cooking method, where the food to be cooked will be evenly roasted and browned all round. This is similar to indirect heat grilling, with the only difference being that the food has to be repeatedly flipped in indirect heat grill whereas it simply turns on the rotisserie.

Finally, the simplest way of cooking on the fire pit is to keep an iron pan over the grill or directly in the fire. This is great for pan frying fish or vegetables or for preparing soups and stews. All these different types of cooking using a fire pit will surely be a hit among your friends and families, as they will surely have a nice time sitting around the fire pit as well as enjoying the food cooking in it.