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Fire pit Patio Design

For most of us today patios  have become not just a necessity, but also a place which we can utilize for entertainment and recreation. After a hard day's work, who wouldn't like to have a place to spend their remaining evenings in, just lazying around? If you have a patio and want to spruce up the image of your patio and are looking for patio design ideas, then you can try putting in a fire pit. Fire pits are a popular addition to patios as they create a warm glow to the outdoor experience and enhance the surroundings. Building patio designs with fire pit also add value to your backyard.

Need for Fire Pits

Patio designs with fire pits provide a rustic charm as well as elegance and beauty while providing the perfect place for a family to sit around a fire and enjoy the air. Besides sprucing up the image of your patio, it's also a terrific place for outdoor gatherings, so fire pits are a useful addition to any home. Like any other patio accessory, they come in different sizes, designs, shapes and colors. While some can be simple and understated, other fire pits can turn your drab space of land into an inviting sanctuary. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose patio designs with fire pit that suit your needs and taste.

Patio Designs with Fire Pits

While choosing patio designs with fire pits, the main thing to take into consideration is whether you want a permanently installed fire pit in the patio or a portable fire pit that can be stored in cooler months. Also, you have to take into consideration the patio design plans or theme. A patio design should generally be a reflection of your style, decor and the structure of your house.

Campfire Design: One option is to make your patio design plans in a way that you get to enjoy a traditional campfire right outside your backyard. This is one option of patio designs with fire pit that will make it a hit for all! There are specific models of fire pits that are designed specially for creating such themes. One option is using wood burning grill or fire pit grill that is very good for cooking. It comes with a grill grate which fits on your fire pit above your firewood embers. Not only that, some even have available rotisseries so that you can slowly cook large roasts over your real hardwood fire to get the complete camping effect! For the patio furniture in this theme, you should keep it rustic with wooden furniture and accessories.

Mexican Chimineas: Another one of the patio design ideas is for a more Mexican or Caribbean theme. You can achieve this with the Mexican Chimineas, which are made of clay and are vertical fireplaces with a wide mouth at the bottom that narrows into a chimney at the top. It is a striking traditional piece that can easily become a conversation piece. If you do not want one from clay, there are a few that are made from iron. Though the clay pieces require regular maintenance, it really sets the right mood. For this patio design, it should be of bright colors like yellow or blue with outdoor furniture either made of wood or wrought iron. Don't forget to put in those colorful patio umbrellas. And if you want to go that extra mile, since Mexico is so famous for their beautiful tiles, you can try using unfinished terracotta or those with bold glazed patterns of flowers in shades of yellow, blue and red.

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