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This is a huge short cut for anyone who wants to get a fire pit and not go into a whole lot of work in the backyard or garden, a fire pit frame is just what you need to get the basic stuff and still allows you to decorate and design the outer sides of your fire pit by yourself.

fire pit kit



Basically there are two types of frames you can use, one is an enclosed kit that you can fit into a space, the advantage of this thing is that you can even dig a low hole and place half of the frame in the in, while the other half is above ground, something that would take a lot of time and effort without a frame.



The great thing is that you do not need to estimate anything, when you receive the frame you can just use it to work the garden space by, and you do not need to worry about it fitting in. once you decide on location and the way you will design it (you can also decide how tit will look, choose the bricks or stones, color it etc), you will need to run the gas connection and the electronic setup and you will be ready to enjoy this fire pit.

Dimensions 54" Octagon
22 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Required Venting Included
Easy to Set Up

fire pit frames

fire pits frames

Here is how I got the word that this is a great solution for DIY fire pits (thanks Jeff) -

fire pits frame kits