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Fire Pit Cooking Grill

There are many sizes, types, and designs of fire pit cooking grills on the market today. Why should I choose a fire pit grill over a traditional barbecue grill? What should I look for when I purchase a fire pit grill? A fire pit can really change the atmosphere of your back yard. The ambiance of the fire and everyone gathered around the fire pit is the best experience ever. It allows for a very relaxing evening under the stars. There is not a better way to cook out than by using a fire pit cooking grill. Even your children can utilize it by roasting their marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick.

Lots of people cook outdoors with the use of a traditional grill. Most traditional grills are portable which makes them very convenient. They are very easy to use and can be used with different types of fuels gas, propane, charcoal, and wood. The food is cooked on top of a grate or rack. The food is cooked over direct head or dry heat. Once the charcoal or wood has burned down to red hot ashes it is time to place the food on the grate. The food is left on the grill long enough to brown or sear the under side. Once you have accomplished that you flip the food and do the other side. This process seals in the flavors of the type of wood or charcoal you chose to use.

Barbecuing is a bit different in that the food is cooked slowly over low temperatures of heat. The meat is prepped prior to placing into the fire pit. This process is done by applying spice rubs, marinades, or sauces on the meat and you will be required to repeat this process throughout the cooking process. The meat is placed on a spit or tray for the cooking process and it will require a longer amount of time. The traditional fire pit involved digging a hole in the ground and burning wood down to ash and placing meat that was wrapped with leaves and burlaps material into the ashes and covered completely. This process required a long period of time to allow for the meat to cook thoroughly, sometimes a day or longer.