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Your Deck can have a Fire Pit – Here are some thoughts about Deck fire pits

Fire pits are a great accessory for ever home, garden and deck. There are a number of different things fire pits are used for. They are great for cooking food. Fire pits are also good for providing you with warmth during the cold weather. They also provide light which allows you to enjoy them throughout the night. Fire tends to keep the mosquitoes at bay and we all know how pesky those little bugs can be. While some fire pits can be an expensive addition they can also greatly increase the overall value of your home. When owning or using a fire pit there are a number of safety tips you should follow. This article will describe the various deck fire pit  safety tips.

deck fire pitUsing a deck fire pit without following the major safety tips can lead to a tragic and devastating end. Failing to follow them can not only put your deck in danger but it can also put you in danger. Don’t forget about your family, your possessions, and your home. Inappropriate use of a fire pit can put all of these precious things in grave danger. When using a fire pit it is important to follow the safety measures each and every single time. First and foremost you should learn what these safety tips are which is what this article is all about. After reading this article you should have a good understanding of how to keep you, your home, and your family out of danger with using a fire pit.

The first tip is straightforward and very easy to understand and follow. Be absolutely sure to never ever leave a fire unattended. It only takes a few seconds for a small flame to turn into a raging fire. And it only takes a small spark to start a much larger fire. Don’t leave a fire unattended for a single second. Also remember to keep your distance from the fire at all times. If you are going to be cooking on your fire pit deck then remember to be careful when leaning into the fire. Always avoid leaning toward the fire too far. This could result in your clothing being caught on fire and eventually you accidentally being burnt.

"When using your fire pit on your deck be sure that you remove any stray items from the floor around the fire pit, this is a powerful source of fire you are dealing with, a deck fire pit is great, but safety is very important."

Deck Fire PitsAnother thing to take into consideration is the amount of distance from the bottom of your fire pit to the floor of your deck. There should be a decent length of distance between the two. This will ensure that you are able to notice a spark or ember before it is able to reach the ground.

This will give you enough time to prevent the ground from being burnt or a larger fire catching. Also remember to make sure that nothing is above your fire pit. It would be a very bad idea to use a fire pit on your deck and have a roof about the fire pit. While this doesn’t necessary mean it will catch on fire it does create a lot of potential. The smoke will end up turning the roof black as well. So avoid that at all cost.

 When using your fire pit on your deck be sure that you remove any stray items from the floor around the fire pit. Having anything on the floor around the fire pit is just asking for a fire. This will increase the possibility of a fire being started because an ember or spark could end up landing on something that is flammable. It is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher around at all time.

Sometimes something out of our control goes wrong and it is a good idea to have something to fall back on just in case that does end up happening. A fire extinguisher will surely do the trick. You can buy a small hand fire extinguisher at most retail stores for a pretty cheap price.

Before attempting to use your fire pit deck be sure to read the owners manual that came with it. This will explain to you how to use the fire pit safely. It is a good idea to be positive that you are following the fire code in your particular area. Failing to do so could not only put you in danger but it could also leave you with a hefty fine. After you are finished using your fire pit make sure that the fire is completely out before you turn you back on it. Gas fire pits are very easy to turn off so wood burning fire pit users should take this tip into more of a consideration. Do whatever you must to ensure that the fire is completely out.

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