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Custom Fire Pits

Going all the way – Building your own custom made fire pit

Custom fire pits can reflect the taste and touch of a mind. If you really want your fire pit or fire pit table customized, here are some ideas you wish to bring into reality: 

  • 1.5" Thick Granite Table Top

  • Weather resistant natural stone. Whatever stones you add for your fire pit table- it better need low maintenance.

  • If you wish your table to be really unique, try to avoid mosaic tops as they are conventional and tend to have grout lines to crack or mildew

  • Stainless steel grill and grill burner. Capacity of the burner can be around 11,000 BTU

  • Diameter of the grill should be around 16 inches. Overall the diameter of grill can get 201 square inches of grilling surface.

  • The stainless steel used in fire pit should be 100% pure. This is critical for ultimate corrosion resistance.

  • Include disposable propane canisters. These should have 3-5 hours of continuous use capacity.

  • The pit should be readily convertible to a natural gas or to LP fuel supply.

  • Add cleanup accessories like dishwashers

  • You can add different glass varieties like clear, bronze, blue, emerald, and smoked glass

  • You can get a gray or brown vinyl cover for covering the fire pit table. There are heavy duty insulated covers for better protection.

  • Your custom fire pit table should have the dynamism to be converted into a coffee or garden table.

  • Try to get a powder coated finish for the metal base. This ensures its long tarnish free life Models based on solid copper can also be within your considerations.

"With all the range of varieties and ideas, custom fire pits have a great appeal to sensitive buyers"

Tempered glass fire pit tables

In home improvement stores, fire pits are found in different shapes and designs. Some fire pits have ingenious ideas behind the material and making. Fire pit tables with tempered glass add great looks and feel of elegance for people. For instance a 22" H x 42" D dimension fire pit with tempered glass can have the following features (Some of the parts may apply additional charge):

Fire burning unit
Durably built tempered glass
Granite top and stylish cover
Optional granite tp tank cover
Flexibility to burn longs or run on liquid propane or natural gas
Attractive stainless steel construction

There are round fire pits available with or without screens or cover. Standard diameter for these fire pits is 30". Some of these types of fire pits are characterized with square cut out panels along the side for a modern feel. For keeping the fire contained, the buyer should look for the pits with meshwork.

Steel fire pits

Assembly is easy for ready made fire pits. Simply connecting four legs to the bowl (with hardware provided by manufacturer) can give it a ‘fire pit’ look. Good steel constructions of fire pits remain for years, so ask the seller how sustaining it should be.

While shopping for custom fire pits you better look for the ones with heat proof paint. This protects the item from rust. Enjoy a beautiful fire in your garden with the Bravo Round Fire Pit with Screen and Cover. With average price around $150, the configuration of steel fire pits (made for flat surface) can be-

Bowl dimensions of 29.25" dia. x 8.5"H
Total dimensions of 30.625" dia. x 19"H
Shipping Weight should be under 40 lbs
Buyer should not have to bear shipping cost


Gas log based outdoor fire pit table

 Gas log fire pit tables has always had their unique appeals for their convenience and vast potentials of custom designs and making. To make the time enjoyable around the pit there are creative designs made of a marble surface, pebble top or a chocolate brown base. For gas log fire pit tables, with 23" H x 48" W dimensions weighing around 550 lbs, a standard configuration can be-

Durable standard gas logs
Stainless steel burner
Warranty for a year or two
Flexibility to use both natural gas and liquid propane
Some sellers also provide installation accessories like a 6' hose- these are meant to make the assembling part easy.
Some sellers supply fireglasses for an additional charge. But the elegant looks of it are sometimes worth the price paid for it.
And seller should always ship the item free

With all the range of varieties and ideas, custom fire pits have a great appeal to sensitive buyers.