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Create Your Own Garden Fire Pit

If you are in the market for a fire pit, there are a lot of choices available in stores and online. However, if you are hoping to give your garden fire pit a personal touch, you can build your own pit in just a few days. With the right materials and a little bit of time, you can ensure that your fire pit is unique.

Basically, in building your own fire pit, you are creating a place to have a campfire, but with sturdy walls to contain the flame and provide safety. Before starting your project, check the local laws and ordinances about backyard fires. If there is no ordinance against building and using a fire pit, find a spot in your yard that is free of low hanging trees or electrical cords, and that is a safe distance from your house, garage, and deck.

The pit you build should be based below ground level. Dig a pit, about 12 inches deep and line it with about six inches of gravel. When you begin building the walls of your fire pit, the walls will be at least 6 inches in the ground, making it solid and well supported.

Your local home center will sell concrete blocks that have been molded to look like stone. Their flat surfaces on top and bottom will make it easy to build low wall with them. Using these blocks, build a stone circle or square, attaching the blocks with masonry adhesive. The pit should be about 36 to 44 inches in diameter. Once your stone ring is built, line the circle with a thick steel ring. This will protect your concrete walls from the heat and contribute to their longevity.

Your walls should be no more than a foot above the ground. Most blocks are about four inches high, so including the blocks that are buried in the ground, you will probably need five layers of blocks. Top the ring with capstones, held on with a flexible mortar, to give it an attractive, finished look.
For a different look, try purchasing a fire pit kit. They are sold by stores and online retailers, and there is a wide variety of options. Build a simple kit with a steel bowl and lid, and a wall of steel grate wrapped around the outside. Another option is a table fire pit, built into an outdoor table with a steel mesh top. This is a nice alternative for because the outside surface of the table provides to a place to set drinks. Because it is higher off the ground, it could be an ideal option for a garden where flowers and plants could pose a fire hazard, but it will be even more important to avoid low hanging trees and power lines.

Basically, fire pits can be any shape, and you even have some freedom with size. Follow simple safety rules, like keeping your fire pit a safe distance from your home and garage, and using fire safe materials; you will have the freedom to create a pit that accents your garden and speaks to your personal taste and style.