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Charcoal briquettes Information

Charcoal briquettes are ready-made solutions for grilling lovers. As most of us know about charcoal briquettes, here are some facts on typical charcoal briquettes and their alternatives.

• Char Ceramic Briquettes
This briquette has the volcanic rock or ceramic briquettes combined in it. These briquettes suits very well with gas grills. Ceramic briquettes are popular for their better flares and temperature control. Sometimes, consumers prefer ceramic briquettes to lava rocks. Special charcoal ceramic briquettes can add hardwood flavor. Regular briquettes from this category are sold on stores for less than $7/pack.

• Charcoal Coir Briquettes
A standard 8"x4"x3" coir briquette can cost you less than $3/ pack. In fact, briquettes made out of commercial grade coir pith fiber stands out by leaving out the typical problem of high levels of salt (usually found essentially in inferior briquettes). But not all of the coir products are of the same level of qualities- so watch out for it.

How to pick the right charcoal coir briquette? Look for the products that exhibit an remarkably good balance of wetting and aeration. The product is a superb quality if it also has a strong resistance to bacteria and fungal growth. Coir briquettes are used as a planting mix or a soil additive and conditioner.

• Ceramic briquettes bag
Self cleansing capacity is the trademark of quality ceramic briquette bags. These briquettes also reduce flare ups. Another trait of quality products from this category of briquettes is their longevity and ability to eliminate cold spots. These briquettes can outperform most others by retaining heat for much longer time. A pack of ceramic briquette bag (18 briquettes per pack) can cost from $15 to $20.
However, you can save some cash on bulk purchases of ceramic briquette bags. It would cost you under $25 if you purchase a mega-pack of ceramic briquette bag which contains 50 to 60 briquettes. The briquettes in such a pack will hold 2 square inches briquettes. The pack can weigh around 9 lbs.

• Permanent briquettes
These products are best suited for gas grills. They can be used for electric grills as well. Costing you around $26 (though you may find discounts in some stores), these permanent briquettes offer you some relief with their self cleansing capacity. These products are known for their solid performance in reducing flare-ups and providing steady and even heat under your grill. A regular pack will contain around 55 briquettes weighing around 7 to 8 lbs. This amount of briquettes covers near about 310 square inches of cooking surface.