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Charcoal Barbeque Cooking II 

One can only say that both gas and coal have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A choice between a grill and a charcoal barbecue is entirely based on the personal preference, lifestyle and amount of time available for cooking and choice of the user.

The entire taste of barbecue cooking using coal depends on the type of wood used for getting charcoal.


"This is the basic idea, The taste of barbecue chacoal cooking using coal depends on the type of wood used" 

Food tastes excellent with coal only when the wood quality is fine. In this regard, the coal used for barbecue cooking can be classified into different types that include briquettes, lump coal and extruded. Among these, lump charcoal is the one that is entirely derived from pure hardwood and provides the true smoky flavor, which is the trademark of coal cooking. However, this variety is very much expensive. Other two varieties of coal are a mixture of hardwood and other chemicals such as borax starch and sodium nitrate. These are inexpensive, can be readily obtained and give off a flavor that is neither pure nor intense.

There are several companies manufacturing charcoal barbeques. Most popular among these are Weber, Brinkman, Hibachi, Aussie, Meco and Thermos. These companies offer several charcoal barbeque models that can suit any budget.