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Charcoal Barbeque Cooking

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Enthusiasts always have an argument regarding the better one among gas and charcoal. With the rising fuel costs and other related environmental concerns, people are now looking towards other sources of energy apart from gas. One option is to use charcoal. In fact, coal was traditionally used as fuel source for cooking purpose before gas came into existence. As the popularity gas appliances, usage of coal for cooking diminished slowly. However, its importance and usage has started to increase gradually in the recent years.

Many people tend to avoid the use of charcoal for cooking because they find it very much inconvenient. Charcoal barbeque is a bit tedious process where one needs to light up the charcoal, let the coals burn down for almost 30-45 minutes so as to get the desired temperature and then turn the food upside down quite a number of times so as to ensure even cooking. On the other hand, none of these processes are required when using a gas barbecue. It is easy to light up the gas, grilling is quick and requires few minutes so as to attain the right temperature. Also, gas provides a consistent temperature all around the place unlike charcoal barbeque's and is easy to clean.

 Although gas offers convenience to users, there are also considerable benefits of using coal that cannot be denied. Some of these benefits offered by charcoal in comparison to gas barbeque's have been listed below.

• Cooking on coal is all about flavor, taste and aroma. In fact, it is hard to imagine, describe and compare the taste and smell of food that has been cooked using coal. When the food is cooked using coal, the typical smell of the smoke is infused into the meat giving it a rich flavor that is simply wonderful and mouthwatering. Also, this method of cooking enhances the overall taste of the food.
• Outdoor barbecue using coal is considered by many as a memorable and enjoyable experience.
• These are lightweight and easy to carry.
• Another advantage of using charcoal barbecue is the price. In comparison to gas barbecue, a charcoal barbecue grill is inexpensive, affordable and economical. Normally, these range from $50 - $450 whereas gas grills are priced between $150 and $1000.

The method of barbecuing using coal is associated with certain disadvantages too. Most important among these is that cleaning and removing ash is a bit difficult with charcoal grills. Also, the fire emitting due to burning of coal is a process that cannot be either adjusted or controlled.