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Build your own fire pit

Build your own fire pit – What does it take to construct one?

Sitting around the a fire pit on a cold and chilly winter night and enjoying the soothing warmth coming from the fire along with a glass of wine in hand is a relaxing and pleasurable experience that many can only dream about. However, one can now turn this dream into a reality by setting up an outdoor fire pit. Setting up an outdoor fire pit is a nice home improvement strategy that can add significant value to the patio or backyard.

The experience of sitting around an outdoor fire pit can be enjoyed by people of any age group. Also, if an outdoor fire pit is present in the home, it can be used for various other purposes such as picnic, social gatherings or just to have a barbeque with friends and family. Nowadays, there is an increased demand for outdoor fire pits. As a result, several companies are now offering various customized fire pits in different styles, designs and made of different types of materials such as iron, copper, stone and concrete. However, the fact is that these fire pits are a bit expensive and might not be suitable as per individual needs and requirements. An economical but effective alternative is to create a fire pit in the backyard rather than buying a ready-to-use model.

Building a fire pit is a subtle and easy job. In terms of cost, energy and time, it doesn’t take much to build fire pits for outdoor campfires and barbeques. With respect to cost, all that is required is to spend a few dollars in getting materials that are very easily available in any of the home improvement stores. If available, one can even use materials that are present in the backyard. For example, in order to build a wood fire pit, all that is required are few logs of wood, some nails, a small bag of gravel and a small bag of sand. One need not even spend a penny on getting these materials. In case one wants to construct a brick fire pit, materials required are few bricks, a small bag of mortar, and gravel, a small bag of sand and few hardware tools such as trowel, shovel and level.

In terms of energy and time, it takes no more than few hours of physical activity and the fire pit is ready to use.

In order to set up a fire pit, the foremost point is to select a suitable location for constructing one. Fire pit should be located in such an area that is away from any chaos. Also, there must not be any structures located around the fire pit that can catch fire. Next step is to check with the local fire department for information, guidelines and codes of fire pit construction. One has to have knowledge about local rules and regulations before getting started. Then, arrange for the materials that are required and start construction.

Dig up a hole using a shovel that is approximately 4m in diameter and has 1ft depth. At Spread gravel at the bottom of the pit and place a layer of sand on top of that. Position the bricks on the perimeter of the hole and stack them up vertically so that they extend above the ground. This arrangement ensures that the wind and soil are away from the fire. This is one of the most basic designs of an outdoor fire pit. Apart from this, there are several other creative designs and methods that one can use. Information, tips and ideas about different ways of building a fire pit can be obtained from the internet or magazines.

Once the construction is complete, ensure that all the safety precautions and measures are taken care of. Keep the fire pit covered when not in use. Other safety measures include installation of spark screen or a cover, placing log grills and presence of fire extinguishers in the vicinity.

Setting up an outdoor fire pit is a great way of utilizing available outdoor space.