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Barbecue Fire Pit Cooking

BBQ Pit: What are they used for?

What is a BBQ pit? What can I use a barbecue pit for? What can I cook on a BBQ pit? Everyone that has ever been interested in cooking outdoors has surely asked these questions, especially if you have ever thought about purchasing a barbecue firepit. Lots of people love BBQ foods, and barbecue fire pit cooking is just another way of having fun.



"Barbecuing is the cooking process that requires for the foods to be cooked over low temperatures and over a period of time, in this cooking style patience is a virtue."

barbecue fire pit cookingBarbecue fire pit cooking and outdoor cooking reminds the cowboys of the old days when you set around an old fashioned camp fire waiting for a rabbit, pig, or fish to cook; smelling the aromas of the meat made their mouth water. The good old days, you say. Well, believe it or not you can have the save experience with a barbecue fire pit.

A lot of people get barbecuing and grilling mixed up and do not understand the difference between the two. Grilling is the process of cooking that foods are cooked over direct heat of the fire. The purpose is to sear the outside of the food and try to keep the juices on the inside. That is the reason the meat is browned because it seals the juices. When you sink your teeth into that first bit you can taste the grilled flavor. Well that was because you browned or seared the meat and sealed the flavor inside the meat. You ask how this is done. It is just like you brown toast in a skillet.

Barbecuing is the cooking process that requires for the foods to be cooked over low temperatures and over a period of time. Chris Schlesinger describes barbecuing better than anyone else, “A process whereby a large cut of tough meat is cooked by the smoke of a hardwood fire at low temperatures (210 degrees or less) for a long period of time, with doneness determined by the meat’s tenderness.”

 The process of barbecuing can be quiet long and require a lot of prepping for the food. But the enjoyment you get when watching everyone devouring your food like it is the best food they have ever ate it well worth all the work you put into it. When it comes to cooking with a fire pit barbecue you are required to add spice to your foods. In order to do this most people prepare their own marinades, spice rubs, or basting sauces. Some foods that can be cooked on a BBQ pit includes; hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, pork, sausage, Buffalo wings, hog, or beef.

There are different types of woods that you can use for cooking on your barbecue fire pit. Everyone has their preference of taste that you enjoy. Mesquite, maple, guava, hickory, cherry, pecan, kiawe, apple, and oak are just to name a few. There are also woods that you should avoid when cooking with your BBQ pit. Those are called conifers and they are woods that come from trees that produce cones and some of those include; Douglas firs, junipers, pines, redwoods, spruces, cypresses, and firs. The reason you avoid these is because they have what we cause resins and tars that produce chemical flavors.

Charcoal and gas can also be used but is not always preferred because most people want the woody flavors sealed in their meats. Remember when cooking with woods that different types of woods require different rates that the woods should be burned at. You control the rate of burn by venting. What that means is the cooling process involves the amount of venting that you do. The more venting the cooler your pit will be. Some people choose to cook with charcoal and wood to combine the flavors for their meats. Do research prior to purchasing the perfect barbecue fire pit for your satisfaction.